Founded January 2008

Where it all Began

We started this company because of our passion for high quality firearms with a personalized and custom touch. Most manufacturers were not offering the type of weapons that Arms LLC is now building.  We are devoted to high quality, affordably priced, reliably built, and customized

As you look through our website you will take notice of the finish of all of our firearms.   The outside of an ARMS LLC. firearm looks just as impressive as the inside functions.  We spend countless hours making sure that every firearm that leaves our facility is of the highest quality.  In fact we test each firearm fully before it leaves.

Give us the opportunity to build you a custom firearm with the serial number of your choice, with custom engraving, laser etching, the optics of your choosing, a finish that matches your personality with the kind of performance that exceeds the wildest expectations.

Come see and feel the difference of an ARMS LLC firearm.


Located in the Pacific Northwest, ARMS LLC of Oregon is committed to manufacturing the finest quality arms.  For more information on us and specifics of mailing address, or information on our facilities please call